May 3, 2008

I added...

- 1 Alicia Silverstone wallpaper here
- 1 Allison Mack wallpaper here
- 2 Anna Friel wallpapers here
- 1 Bones wallpaper here
- 1 Californication wallpaper here
- 2 Courteney Cox wallpapers here
- 2 Ghost Whisperer wallpapers here
- 1 Gilmore Girls wallpaper here
- 1 Jared Padalecki wallpaper here
- 2 Jennifer Love Hewitt wallpapers here
- 1 Johnny Depp wallpaper here
- 1 Justin Chambers wallpaper here
- 1 Kiefer Sutherland wallpaper here
- 1 Monk wallpaper here
- 1 Moonlight wallpaper here
- 3 Nicole Kidman wallpapers here
- 2 Nip/Tuckwallpapers here
- 3 Samantha Who? wallpapers here
- 1 Saving Grace wallpaper here
- 1 Shannyn Sossamon wallpaper here
- 2 Supernatural wallpapers here

Hope you like them...

Have a nice weekend...

April 16, 2008

Hello there...

Finally another update in the updates area...

- as some of you may have noticed there's a new layout feat. Heath Ledger (... and I noticed that I always change the layout in January... kinda weird... )
- there are some new and some not that new wallpapers since my last update... which I'm going to post below...
- my DVD List and my fave shows list have been updated
- there's one new gift I got from my lovely friend Judith for my 28th birthday... Thanks so much! (... du fiese Person, du! HDL! )

And these are all the wallpapers I made since last July (from old to new), all are 1280x1024:

Supernatural Pluesch Skeet - Just for fun! Candace Bailey Ethan Hawke Ethan Hawke Ethan Hawke Ethan Hawke 24 24 24 24 How I met your mother The X-Files Majandra Delfino & Brendan Fehr Amy Smart Erin Daniels The L Word Heather Graham Heather Graham Heather Graham Heather Graham Cate Blanchett Shannen Doherty Shannen Doherty Jennifer Love Hewitt Rose McGowan Simon Baker Simon Baker Simon Baker Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix Rachel Griffiths Smith Christian Bale Christian Bale Christian Bale Heath Ledger Heath Ledger David Schwimmer Lost Supernatural Supernatural

And since I just can't decide between the 4 Ethan ones (even after asking several friends which they like best), I decided to post them all...

Thanks for reading...

Bye bye...

July 11, 2007

Yay, another update in the updates area...

It has only been almost one year since the last one, so what?

Well, let's see what has been updated...

- the wallpaper area had to undergo some changes today... after I uploaded some new arts... Instead of one info site for each celeb/show/movie, there is now one big info page... because this is way easier and faster for me to update...
- speaking of new arts... you can see three of them on the right, but I'll post all I made since my last news update at the end of this update...
- my DVD List is more or less up-to-date again
- same goes for my fave shows list
- you can see some old and new Gifts I got... like this award from my dearest Judith... Thank you so so much, darling!

And here are the wallpapers I recently made (from old to new):

Scarlett Johansson

Jodie Foster Friday Night Lights (Eric & Tami) Skeet Ulrich Skeet Ulrich Skeet Ulrich Jericho Adrien Brody Jericho Milo Ventimiglia Christian Slater Christian Slater Denise Richards Denise Richards Denise Richards Uma Thurman Uma Thurman Johnny Depp Jericho Josh Holloway Sandra Bullock Ryan Gosling

So, that's all for now...

Bye bye...

P.S.: Please let me know if there are any broken links... especially in the wallpaper area, where I renamed almost all the arts and sites...

July 26, 2006
Soooo... I updated the Desktops, my DVD List, the Site Stats, added some links to the links list, which is far from being complete, made some minor updates in the About the Site and About Me sections and in case you haven't noticed yet, there are also changes in the wallpaper area, but I'm not finished yet, so I hope you're not confused about the different "looks" of for example here, where you get the wallpaper by clicking on the pic and where you have one site with the info about the wallpapers, and here, where you get to the info by clicking on the pic.

January 13, 2006
New Layout!

I guess the updates page is the least updated page of my site

September 16, 2005
I joined a few lot of fanlistings today...

September 14, 2005
There's a Caps Poll now, so please vote...

September 12, 2005
At Angy's opens!

September 8, 2005:
Uploaded caps of the 10th Kingdom-Credits, new section Misc Caps featuring Angelina Jolie-Caps, changed "About Me", added Desktops

September 7, 2005:
Uploaded caps of the Ally McBeal S4-Credits

September 04, 2005:
Apart from a tagboard we also have a counter now

August 30, 2005:
At Angy's is born

August 28, 2005:
Layout is created (by Judith , and it's changed a little 2 days later)