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Adrian Pasdar Alexis Denisof Anthony LaPaglia Ben Stiller Bruce Campbell Charlie Sheen David Duchovny DB Sweeney Dennis Quaid Denzel Washington Edward Norton Emilio Estevez Gary Oldman Harrison Ford Jared Padalecki Jeff Bridges Jeff Daniels Jeff Goldblum Jensen Ackles Jeremy Northam Joel Gretsch John Barrowman John Malkovich Johnny Depp Jonathan Frakes Julian McMahon Julian Sands Keanu Reeves Kevin Bacon Kevin Costner Kevin Spacey Kiefer Sutherland Kurt Russel Mark Harmon Matthew Perry Michael Weatherly Patrick Dempsey Rob Lowe Robert Downey jr Robert Sean Leonard Robin Williams Ryan Gosling Simon Baker Sly Stallone Thomas Gibson Tobey Maguire

Annette Bening Hilary Swank Jodie Foster Nicole Kidman Patricia Arquette Sandra Bullock Susan Sarandon

Actors / Actresses RIP
Heath Ledger

Buffy - Once More With Feeling OST The Phantom Of The Opera OST


Lucky Man

Characters (Movie)
Aragorn (LOTR) Peter Parker (Spiderman)

Characters (TV)
Tom (21, Jump Street) Sydney (Alias) Vaughn (Alias) John (Babylon 5) Prue (Charmed) Hotch (Criminal Minds) Chandler (Friends) Derek (Grey's Anatomy) Wilson (House) Dr. Hook (Kingdom Hospital) Jack Shephard (Lost) Sawyer (Lost) Monk (Monk) Tony (NCIS) Kate (NCIS) Ducky (NCIS) Ziva (NCIS) Jimmy (NCIS) Michael (Queer As Folk) Lucas (seaQuest DSV) Nate (Six Feet Under) Tom (ST - Voyager) Jack (Stargate) Dean (Supernatural) Face (The A-Team) Johnny (The Dead Zone) Mulder (The X-Files) Scully (The X-Files) Jack (Without A Trace) Danny (Without A Trace)

Computer & Web
Photoshop E-Mails Winamp HTML Webdesign Layouts LiveJournal

Couples / Friendships (Movie)
Peter & MJ (Spiderman) Sam & Laura (The Day After Tomorrow) André Marek & Lady Claire (Timeline)

Couples / Friendships (Real Life)
Ron & Juliana Brendan & Majandra

Couples / Friendships (TV)
Jack & Chloe (24) Ally & Larry (Ally McBeal) Wes & Fred (Angel) Cordy & Angel (Angel) John & Delenn (Babylon 5) Justin & Rebecca (Brothers & Sisters) Will & Tara (Buffy) Piper & Leo (Charmed) Max & Logan (Dark Angel) Ross & Rachel (Friends) Derek & Meredith (Grey's Anatomy) Joan & Adam (Joan of Arcadia) Jack & Kate (Lost) Desmond & Penny (Lost) Declan & Miranda (Mysterious Ways) Gibbs & Tony (NCIS) Kate & Tony (NCIS) Sam & Al (Quantum Leap) Michael & Maria (Roswell) Nate & Brenda (Six Feet Under) Tom & Belanna (ST - Voyager) Sam & Dean (Supernatural) Tom & Alana (The 4400) Jim & Blair (The Sentinel) Logan & Veronica (Veronica Mars)

When I grow up...

Angel 5x07 - Lineage Buffy - Intervention Buffy - Once More With Feeling Buffy - The Gift Charmed 3x22 - All Hell Breaks Loose GA 2x06 - Into you like a Train Supernatural 1x22- The Devil's Trap

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10 Things I Hate About You Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Mystic River Primal Fear Red Dragon Saw Spiderman 2 The Legend of 1900 The Lord Of The Rings (1-3) The Shawshank Redemption

Singers / Bands / Composers
Celine Dion REM Richard Marx Roxette

Cold & Broken Tears in Heaven Point Of No Return (The Phantom Of The Opera)

Jürgen Klinsmann

Toys / Collectibles

TV Shows
Alias Angel Buffy Charmed Criminal Minds Desperate Housewives Friends Jericho John Doe Lost Lost MacGyver Malcolm in the middle Monk Mysterious Ways Nip/Tuck Numb3rs Once & Again Prison Break Psych Pushing Daisies Scrubs Six Feet Under ST - DS9 ST - Voyager Supernatural The 4400 The Adventures of Brisco County jr The Dead Zone The OC Twin Peaks


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